The Sycamore Education website, is an excellent way to communicate with the school community and to keep abreast of your child's assignments and progress. .  Parents are emailed a user ID and login to Sycamore when their child has been enrolled in Desert Torah Academy. Once logged on, parents may visit the website to obtain general school information as well as specific homework assignments, grades and class events.  In grades 2-8, all homework assignments are posted daily.  Grades are updated at least once a week. Any assignments a student may be missing are also listed.  All staff, including teachers and administration can be reached via email through the website. By logging onto Sycamore on a daily basis you will have a totally updated record of what your child is learning, how they are doing, and what is expected of them. We strongly urge parents to take full advantage of the website and all it has to offer.  It is an extremely useful form of communication.

 Because our school utilizes the Sycamore Education website, class information and homework assignments are not listed this school website,