The students of Desert Torah Academy take the Terra Nova standardized achievement test each May. Standardized achievement tests serve two purposes. The primary purpose is to have an objective evaluation of the progress of each student. The tests also, however, allow schools to evaluate their overall performances. In general, the students of Desert Torah Academy have always done well on the Terra Nova test. This is especially true of the schools’ middle school students.

Rabbi Rodman, principal of DTA explained, “One of the scores measured on the Terra Nova is called Grade Mean Equivalency. This year, our middle school classes scored anywhere from two to four years ahead of their Grade Mean Equivalency. It is important to note that these scores are compared to schools throughout the country, not just Nevada.”

The Rabbi continued, “Of course, standardized tests should not be the only measure of a student’s success. One of the primary ways that we measure the success of our graduates is how they do when they leave DTA. One of the challenges our school faces is that some of our students want to go on to advanced yeshivas, while others want to attend high school at prestigious local schools. Thank G‑d, the students who have graduated from DTA have been successful in both types of schools. Just to cite some examples; 1. One of our students went to Yeshiva Ohr Elchanan Chabad in Los Angeles two years ago. Not only was he the highest in his class in secular studies, but after two months in that school, he was moved to the advanced Judaic program. 2. Two of our students have achieved great results in an advanced Talmudic Academy in New Haven CT. 3. Many graduates have gone to the prestigious Las Vegas Academy. This has been an especially attractive destination for students with particular artistic talent. 4. A number of our graduates attend The Adelson High School. Many have scored 4.0 in the honors program, while all have attained at least a high 3 GPA. 5. Two years ago, four of our students decided to go to Odyssey Charter School. At the end of tenth grade, all were accepted for advanced college placement at CSN.”

Rabbi Rodman concluded, “Of course, we are proud of all of our graduates and wish them only well. To learn more about our program, please call the school office at 259-1000 to schedule an appointment.”

The mission of Desert Torah Academy is to provide the Jewish children of Southern Nevada with an outstanding Judaic/Hebrew and Secular education. DTA staff will promote students’ growth as active learners; respectful, responsible citizens; and independent thinkers. Through a stimulating and safe learning environment, our students will grow in appreciation of Jewish tradition and culture while being prepared for success in high school and life in the world community.